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Posted on January 29, 2015 at 9:30 AM

For all those who are new to this industry one of the major parts of nail enhancements is practice, practice , practice. We have all been there and some most likely gave up half way, but there's no doubt about it, the best nail techs are the ones that never stop practicing. Ohh and my gosh its hard! The hours of filing, the back ache and not to mention finding the models!! But it all pays off eventually.

So, how can we take away the pain of practice??


  • Stop looking at the clock One of the main pressures when practicing is the time issue, we watch the hours go by painfully slowly and start panicking, once we reach total panic we realize the nails are a mess and our clients cuticle area is getting redder by the second. STOP! When practicing you must concentrate on the job not the clock, getting up to speed will happen automatically once you become more comfortable with the product, your files and your tools
  • Finding your perfect model My biggest recommendation to all of my students is The Nail Trainer available from Essential Nails. This life like hand is the perfect model, who NEVER complains and is always around. The Nail Trainer has removable nails in different shapes and sizes to be able to practice tip, sculpture and overlay techniques, as well as bitten nails. And as your client cant complain you can work at your own pace ... a nail a day or 20 full sets a day! whatever is good for you...
  • Learn from the masters No matter whether you've been doing nails 20 days or 20 years you can ALWAYS learn more to improve and advance your skills. Some "more qualified" nail technicians view additional training as a disadvantage, believing that they have all the skills needed. Take a moment to study articles written by some of the nail industries top nail technicians, educators and competition winners. What is they're main advice?? Never stop training. Every single year the nail industry expands, improves and launches new products and training techniques. Don't get left behind. Most nail companies offer conversion course or workshops to bring you up to speed with the latest techniques.



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